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How do we design your own elevator?

1. Measurement:

a. If the project building is finished, you can provide WINONE of your elevator shaft measurement, we have our engineer to help you make the most suitable elevator for you, such as the elevator capacity and speed.

b. If the project building is still planning, then WINONE will provide you the most professional solution. You only need to let us know the basic information of your project, such as what is the building for, how many floor of this building. Then we will give your our suggestion on elevator’s capacity, speed, different kind of elevator cabin decoration and some other special functions.

2.Customization decoration

a. Standard:

CeilingIntegrated ceiling with stainless steel, LED lighting
Cabin Panel304 stainless steel with 1.2mm thickness
FloorMarble or PVC floor

b. Other:

Cabin ceiling: Intergraded ceiling, LED lighting
Cabin wallJX-019Ti-planted stainless steel, mirror stainless steelJX-018Ti-planted stainless steel, mirror stainless steel
JX-017Hairline stainless steel, mirror stainless steelJX-001Hairline stainless steel, mirror stainless steel
Cabin FloorDB-010PVC or MableDB-011PVC or Mable
DB-012PVC or MableDB-001PVC or Mable

3. Power solution
According to our experience of the elevator making and export, power supply to different countries differs. Like China using 220v for single phase power, 380v for 3 phase power, but Australia using 230v for single phase and 415v for 3 phase power. Also some countries power voltage is not stable, even cuts for some time. For all the above problem, we can have our own solutions. That is to equip the elevator power system with the automatic voltage regulator (AVR) and automatic rescue device (ARD). With these two devices, we ensure our elevator can work under any power situation all over the world.

4.Other customization:
Elevators also can have some other function to fulfil different kinds of requirement by different customers.

1IC cardOnly card holder can reach the certain floor.
2Automatic rescue deviceWhen power suddenly cut, elevator will run back to the close floor, then door open
3Voice announcementVoice announcement for running situation, when reach each floor
4Anti-Nuisance operationWhen elevator is low load, it will cancel all the calls when there are more than 5 calls.
5Rush hour serviceOnly for group control, when one of the elevators has more than 3 calls, then the other eleavtor will run back to home floor after perform the call.
6Remote monitoringTrough RS-485 communication wire, control system can be connected with the PC, From PC, we can monitor the situation of the eleavtor.
7LCD indicatorLCD indicator shows the running direction, location of cabin and other informatio
8Earth quake functionWhen earth quake deivce activates, the elevator will land to the nearest floor and open the door
9Parallel controlThrough CAN series communication bus, two elevators run coordinately, improve running efficiency.
10Accessible car operation panelCar operation panel for disability.
11Emergency return in case of fireWhen fire alarm activate, system will cancel all the call and return to home floor, then elevator stop
12False call cancelingBy double press the floor number button, it can cancal the call.
13Full collective controlWhen the elevator responds to order, Passenger from the cabin or floor can call the elevator.
14Automatic turn off lighting and fanWhen there is no calling for more than 3 minutes, system will close the fan the lighting in the cabin
15Error recordingMain board can record the recent 10 errors at most.