WINONE Elevator Co., Ltd is a large specialty manufacture enterprise of escalator& elevator which integrated with R&D, project design, manufacture, sales, installation and after sales services. It is the national torch program key high-tech enterprises. The company has CNAS certification laboratory, guangdong provincial enterprise technology center, guangdong engineering technology research center, guangdong enterprise key laboratory, foshan enterprise postdoctoral workstation and other platforms, at present, it has more than 120 patents.


WINONE Elevator is the China elevator association standing director unit, is the Chinese famous national elevator enterprise. Its production and sales of elevators in the industry enjoy high market visibility. The company is a member of the national elevator standardization technical committee, and has participated in the formulation and revision of 24 national standards. The company actively responds to the national "One Belt And One Road" development strategy, under the background of fierce domestic market competition, actively expand overseas market, products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions in southeast Asia, South Asia, west Asia, north Africa, central Asia, etc. (there are more than 20 in the "One Belt And One Road" range). In terms of domestic market, the company has actively participated in the construction of guangzhou metro line 7, line 13 elevator project and other major projects.


The company is a large tax payer in foshan city. Awarded: innovative enterprise of guangdong province, Foshan "made in China 2025" pilot demonstration enterprise, Foshan city "Intelligent manufacturing upgrading projects" demonstration enterprise, Foshan subdivision industry leading enterprises, Nanhai district "big dipper plan" key support enterprises, "Nanhai district brand enterprise action plan pilot enterprise and other titles.

  • Company vision

    to be a world-famous national brand
  • Company mission

    create a safe, comfortable and high-quality life for human being
  • Company spirit

    Open, Hardworking, innovation, win-win

The growth of CSR in WINONE elevator is closely related to the development of the company. Reflected in the growth of the company's business performance, Winone employee growth, product interpretation, quality and safety concept understanding, technical strength growth and employee welfare growth etc. In addition to, internal: established WINONE 'Mutual aid& self-help' loving fund. We regularly organize sports meeting, staff family day,department travel. The staffs help each other and pass love forward. External: Participated in General Service Team of Guangdong Branch Red cross Society of China and Guangdong One Heart Foundation. Undertake the social responsibility avtively and Feedback to Society.


Guangdong Yixin Public Welfare Foundation, founded by WINONE chairman Liang Yogbiao, other entrepreneurs, was registered in Guangzhou on June 4, 2013 with the approval of Guangdong Provincial Department of Civil Affairs. As of December 2016, the Foundation has raised 45,009,733.68 yuan of public welfare funds, which are used for public welfare according to the wishes of donors, including "heart-saving" action, cataract rescue, poverty alleviation, education, fraternity and respect for the elderly, emergency disaster relief and other public welfare activities. It has been recognized by all sectors of society and has been appraised by the Red Cross Society of China. "Excellent Red


Witness the 17 years of glorious history

Advanced Scientific & Technological Units in Nanhai District of Foshan City

Pilot Enterprises of Action Plan for Brand Enterprises in Nanhai District

Foshan Leading Enterprises in Subdivision Industry

Foshan City Industrial Internet Benchmarking Demonstration Project Undertaking Unit

Pilot demonstration project undertaking unit of Intelligent Manufacturing in GD Province

Pearl River Delta Craftsman Spirit Hall Lingwang Elevator Brand Hall Open to Use


Approved to set up craftsman studio in Nanhai City

Foshan Quality Brand Recognized by Consumers

Quality Experiment Center has passed CNAS certification

The Big Dipper Enterprise, Nanhai District Government Quality Award


Reward the manufacture license that rated capacity of 12000kg freight elevator,automatic sidewalks and height of 12.96m escalators

Introduce IOT configuration standardization & golden medal warranty for 5 years

Reward the manufacture license 4800kg of freight elevator without machine room

Guangzhou metro No.7 of the first period elevator officially available for use

Foshan city outstanding private enterprises

Members of china elevator association


Guangdong Key Laboratory of Enterprises (Guangdong Key Laboratory of Heavy Load and High Speed Elevator Technology Enterprises) with rated load of 2000kg and speed of 8.0m/s, the super high speed passenger elevator successfully passed the type test certification test tower and was gloriously completed.


The important High Tech Corporation of National Torch Plan

Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, secretary of Guangdong Province party committee HU ChunHua came to visit and communicate

Most Valuable invest corporation

Bit in Guangzhou Metro Line 7 and Line 13 Elevator and Escalator project

Guangdong Top 500 manufacture

Guangdong self-dependent innovation model corporation

Foshan Post-doctoral working station


Guangdong Famous Brand Product

Guangdong Large Capacity & High Speed Engineering Research Center

Good Behaviors &Standardization Enterprise(AAA Level)

Foshan Most Potential Growing Enterprise

Foshan Large Tax Player(from 2010 to 2014)

Naihai Excellent National Enterprise

Party Branch of WINONE Elevator Co., Ltd established

Finished Stock System Reform and renamed as "WINONE ELEVATOR CO., LTD."


Selected as the National Standardization Technical Committee Elevator Unit

Innovative Enterprise of Guangdong Province

Top 30 Quality Enterprise in Foshan

Foshan Science and Technology Award

Progress Prize in Scientific and Collective Technology WINONE new plant for the high-end elevator and escalator and key spare

parts was settled in Sanshui District Foshan City.

WINONE Elevator Co., Ltd Trade Union was Founded


"Famous Trademark in Guangdong Province"

Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center

Foshan City Energy-saving and High Speed Lift Engineering Technology Research Center

WINONE products gained CE certification

Naihai Shishan Manufacturing Base was completed and started producing


Identified as"Guangdong Excellent Self-own Brand"

Identified as "Guangdong Private and Technological Enterprise"

Guangdong Provincial Government identified as modern industry of Guangdong Province Top 500 Project undertaker

Scientific research cooperation with the Chinese academy of sciences and Tsinghai University


Identified as a" National High-Tech Enterprise"

Identified as"The AAA Level Credit Enterprise"

Obtained "1.6T, 4m/s"High Speed Elevator Permit from State Administration of Quality Supervision

As Undertaking Unit of Elevator Energy -saving and Environment protection Key-Technology R&D Industrialization Project of Guangdong Province

Key-supported Enterprise for "Lanneret plan" In Naihai District of Foshan City


Identified as"Enterprise of Observing Contract and Valuing Credit in Foshan"(From 2005 to 2008)

Gained certificate of Quality Management Systems, Environment Management Systems, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

Naihai Shishan New Plant official laid a foundation


Identified as"Naihai industrial harmony and win-win advanced enterprise Enterprise-University-Research Institute Cooperation with Guangdong University of Technology And South China University of Technology


Enterprise Business School was founded, developed enterprise by Talent Strategy

Started to popularize Elevator Integrated Control Technology


Gained A-Class certification of manufacture, installation, repair,and maintenance from Quality. Supervision Inspection

Bureau.Overseas Sales Department established and started

develop overseas market


Upgraded and renamed as "Guangdong WINONE Elevator Co., Ltd"

Registered and used "WINONE"logo as enterprise brand

Started to popularize synchronous permanent magnetic technology,energy-saving and environmental protection new type elevator


Naihai Guicheng New Factory was commissioned

Completely passed ISO9001 Quality System Certificate


Naihai Lingwang Elevator Co.,Ltd was Founded

Started produce "Lingwang"brand elevator and promoted widespread


National Honour of Pride


Winone has the highest, heaviest and fastest elevator test tower in South China.

WINONE Exhibition Hall

WINONE Exhibition Hall

WINONE Exhibition Hall

WINONE Exhibition Hall

WINONE Exhibition Hall

WINONE Exhibition Hall

WINONE Exhibition Hall

WINONE Elevator Test Tower

WINONE Elevator test tower

WINONE Elevator test tower(菱王基地)

WINONE Garden Park

WINONE Garden Park

WINONE Garden Park

WINONE Garden Park

WINONE Office Area

WINONE Company Lobby

WINONE Reception Meeting Area

WINONE Reception Meeting Area

WINONE Company Lobby

WINONE Company Lobby

WINONE Company Lobby

WINONE Garden Park

WINONE Modern Production Base

WINONE Modern Production Base

WINONE Modern Production Base

WINONE Modern Production Base

WINONE Modern Production Base

Workshop Main Engine

WINONE Sheet Metal Automatic Robot Production Line

WINONE Sheet Metal Automatic Robot Production Line

WINONE Modern Production Base

WINONE Sheet Metal Automatic Robot Production Line

WINONE Modern Production Base

WINONE Passenger Ladder Chassis Welding Robot Workstation

WINONE Modern Production Base

WINONE Modern Production Base

WINONE Modern Production Base

WINONE Modern Production Base

WINONE Modern Production Base

WINONE Modern Production Base

WINONE Modern Production Base

WINONE Modern Production Base

WINONE Host Production Line



Win-win cooreration


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