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WIN 2000 Car Elevator for Factory,Warehouse,Airport

WIN 2000 Car Elevator for Factory,Warehouse,Airport

Product type
Car elevator
WIN 2000
Wooden box
Minimum order
1 sets
Delivery time
35 working days
Payment terms
TT or LC at sight
Shopping malls, hotel, factory, warehouse, airport
Capacity (kg)
3000, 4800, 5000, 6000
0.5 m/s, 0.75m/s, 1m/s
Traction ratio
4:1, 6:1
Construction type
Machine room and machine roomless

● Adopt roping 4:1 and 6:1 with or without mini machine room, and it's the newest technology for car elevator in the market, which can be more energy-saving and space saving.

● The capacity is from 3000kg to 6000kg, and speed is from 0.5m/s to 1m/s.

● The traction system is equipped with VVVF vector control to make the start, acceleration, deceleration and stop of elevator in stable and comfortable.

● 0-speedbraking stop is used to greatly increase the leveling accuracy, reduce the noise and vibration of operation and save energy over 30% than traditional AC double-speed traction.

Product Advantages:

1.Eco efficient:

Industrial-leading new generation SPM gearless traction machine, completely reduce running cost of the elevator, achieve energy saving, space saving, environmental requirement etc; the creative use of energy feedback technology is applied in the elevator, which turns elevator running energy into electricity, greatly reduce the harmonic pollution to power supplier, realize the utilization of renewable energy.

2. WINONE machine room and machine roomless elevator improve the running efficiency, realize space saving and eco efficient, so as to save your building space and cost.

Compare to the traditional traction machine, SPM gearless traction machine can save around 30% energy and improved 25% to 30% transmission efficient.

3. Cabin description:

Cabin ceilingIntegrated ceiling, LED lighting
Cabin wallPainted steel
Cabin floorIron steel
Cabin operation panelHairline stainless steel
DisplayWhite dot matrix
ButtonHairline stainless steel, white light
Door panelPainted steel
Door JambPainted steel

4.Functions: M

Standard function
Security function
Door can't open beyond door zoneFor security, elevator door can't open if cabin is not in door zone.
Infrared light curtain protectionWhen there is something block between doors, infrared will activate then doors open.
Over load protectionWhen overload, elevator doors don't close and buzzer rings.
Reversal running protectionWhen inspect the reverse running direction to the running order, elevator will stop and comes error record.
Anti skip protectionAfter the elevator run for a certain of time without leveling switch activate, elevator will begin anti skip protection.
Terminal switch failure protectionIn case of terminal switch failure, system stop the elevator running.
Terminal over run protectionTo ensure elevator won't over run, there are terminal switches both in upper part and lower part of the shaft
Phase protectionElevator will stop running when detect wrong phase and missing phase
Contactor protectionWhen detect the difference between contactor and coil, elevator will stop
Failure analysis of shaft studyWhen shaft study doesn't finish, system will analysis the failure reason
Motor over heat protectionThe function to protect motor overheats.
Door opening failure protectionWhen system detect the door lock failure, it will stop the elevator to prevent accident happens.
Protection for door lock bridgeWhen door fully open, if the system detect problems with the door contactor, elevator will stop.
Protection for door lock break when runningThe elevator stop running if the door lock suddenly breaks.
Over speed protectionWhen over speed, elevator will stop running.
Protection for break contactorIf system detect the break active is not reliable, it will start the protection
Wheeling protectionProtection when rescuing.
Leveling switch protectionA protection to prevent failure occurs when leveling
CAN communication protectionStop running when CAN communication error occurs.
Main circuit protectionIn case of main circuit comes out problems.
Main CPU WDT protectionWhen detect CPU WDT failure, WDT circuit will stop the output and reset the CPU.
Earth quake functionWhen earth quake device activates, the elevator will land to the nearest floor and open the door

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